Monday, February 27, 2006

What's wrong with me?

This aggrevates me:
And not for the reasons you may believe. I understand that all these people had their right violated in some way, and I can empathize with that, but how do they come up with any semblance of "adequate" redress? Where does this person come up with $300k as a reasonable amount of money to provide for the fact that he spent 1 YEAR in jail away from his family, friends, business, etc?
But realistically that's not my real problem with this whole thing either. My real problem is this: Why the hell hasn't anyone violated my civil rights yet? Where's my shot at the pie? I'm an Arab! Don't I too deserve to get sent to jail for one year and be able to get money out of the government? Not only am I an Arab, but I'm also a Sunni Muslim! That's 2 for 2 so far. I should definitely be getting something other than the crap extra security screenings I miraculously win every time I fly. But I can keep going. I work for an organization that works EXCLUSIVELY with the Middle East. Not only that, but I travel to the Middle East for work. Why on Earth have I not been sent to Guantanamo yet? Anyone? Can I please get an answer for this? Believe me, I have enough lawyer friends that I could probably get a cool million for around only 9 months of false imprisonment.
I don't know what aggitates me more; the fact that my tax dollars are paying for the grotesqueness of Guantanamo, or the fact that my tax dollars are paying settlements for people who every time I look at them I feel slightly envious.
Please, Attorney General Gonzales, Mr. Vice President, Mr. President, Karl, someone...if you waterboard me will I not almost drown too? Unleash a German Shephard on me and will I not crap myself? If you torture me, do I not cry?
I DESERVE WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS GETTING DAMMIT!! I feel left out. It's like there's this whole side to being Arab that I can only experience through leaked Pentagon reports and Al-Jazeera broadcasts.
I know for a fact that most African-Americans have some form of actual discrimination story to tell whenever people start comparing stories. Most Jews have had to deal with either implicit or explicit anti-Semitism, but what about me? Where's my special treatment? Why can't I start being singled out more? Everyone likes to have the attention on them at some point in their lives, and I am no different.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Here is what this blog will be about.
These are my rules and they're non negotiable.
It's kind of like my little world. Aggrevate me and I can prevent you from commenting or edit your comments to make you seem like you're either racist or anti-semitic . I will control the pace, tenor and direction of all arguments.
If you feel the need to disagree with anything I say, fine. Just know that you are wrong. So why bother? The likelihood of you changing my mind is about the same as the likelihood of me suddenly growing boobs and joining the circus as the bearded lady (so roughly 50-50). Understood?

I get mad a lot. I don't mean to, it's just that things around me piss me off. In light of that, and in order to prevent spending a fortune in therapy when I'm older, I've decided to vent here. I won't lie, I'm a very angry person.

For example:
I was riding the train last night and I was sitting next to these two girls who would not stop laughing the ENTIRE ride to Baltimore. Seriously, it was absurd. Now, I wasn't sitting in the "Quiet Car" but who the fuck cares? Those two fat bitches should have had the decency to keep their fucking mouths shut. Jesus. Like I really want to sit there and fucking listen to the dumb shit that they have to say?
And they were fucking laughing at some of the dumbest shit. I spent 30 minutes listening to a conversation about a fucking picture on the skinny, fat ones drivers licence. Honestly, why do people really think Drivers License photos are so funny? It's a fucking stupid ID card. Everyone's sucks, the person taking your picture is not some professional photographer, so fucking accept it and move on with your fucking lives and don't fucking sit there cackling while I am trying to read my fucking Clive Cussler novel.
Fucking whores.

That represents the type of post you will see on this blog. I won't lie to you, you may be offended. If you are, and I sincerely hope you will be, then I may appologize. But it depends on what offends you. That's the trick. If you get offended by my language, well fuck off. I don't give a flying fuck about people too uptight to be able to listen to an argument and be turned off by the words used to express that argument.
But, if I make fun of you and you prove to me that I made fun of you on a day that your mother past away (and I mean prove it - I need to see the corpse) well, then I'm sorry.
Seriously, I am.